About Joseph Joseph

Our Mission

To be the most recognised and trusted global brand for innovative, functional housewares

The Story Behind the Brand

It all started with a Chopping Board

Twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph hail from a family with a long history in design and engineering. The family business, started by their grandfather in 1936, originally produced everything from vehicle wing mirrors to shelves before diversifying into decorative glass chopping boards.

The designs of these original chopping boards were traditional, rustic scenes but it soon became clear that tastes had changed and a fresh approach was needed.

That’s where Antony and Richard came in. Having both trained in product design, the brothers were already embarking on their early careers with Antony as a freelance product designer and Richard studying for a master’s degree in design and manufacturing at Cambridge. However, when their father asked to refresh the glass chopping board range, they jumped at the chance.

The brothers enjoyed early success with creative, colourful designs and in 2003 their entrepreneurial spirit kicked in as they took the plunge to create their own business; the Joseph Joseph brand was born.


Solving Everyday Problems with Innovative Design

The turning point for the Joseph Joseph brand came from a simple observation; poor design of everyday household objects can actually create more problems than they solve.

The brothers used this lightbulb moment to set the Joseph Joseph brand apart from the competition, creating intelligent designs to make life at home that bit easier.

From the iconic Index colour-coded chopping boards, to the innovative space-saving Nest range, the brothers have achieved worldwide recognition for their clever designs, contemporary styling and distinctive use of colour in the kitchenware category.


Onwards and Upwards

Since 2003, the Joseph Joseph brand has catapulted from success to success, expanding into new product areas each season and continually evolving to become a global leader in the houseware industry.

The brand has become multi-award-winning. From the innovative Chop2Pot in 2008 to current day, Joseph Joseph has won the highest industry accolades including Red Dot Awards, Excellence in Houseware Awards and Design Plus Awards to name but a few.

Joseph Joseph is now being sold in over 100 countries across the globe and is one of the fastest growing companies in the worldwide housewares market.