Celebrate Dad: Father's Day Gifting Ideas | Joseph Joseph UK

Treat Dad to an amazing Father’s Day gift this year with our list of Father’s Day gifting ideas. With the ideal gifts for fathers both old and young, we have something to suit everyone.

Cut&Carve™  Bamboo Chopping Board

Our heavy-duty Cut&Carve™  Bamboo Chopping Board is the perfect gift for the fathers who like to take control of the carving of the roast. The board features an integrated food grip to hold onto your meat while you cut and has an angled surface to ensure that none of the delicious juices go to waste.

Rota™  Folding Knife Sharpener

When it comes to cooking, it is important that your knives are sharp to ensure precision in the kitchen. Our stylish Rota  Folding Knife Sharpener sharpens your knives and can be neatly folded away for compact storage, perfect to store in your kitchen drawers.

BarWise™  Compact Lever Corkscrew

For the fathers who love hosting, our BarWise Compact Lever Corkscrew is a man’s best friend. The corkscrew makes removing corks impressive and easy with a simple lever action and features twin integrated foil cutters and a non-stick screw thread, which glides smoothly into any cork.

Totem Max 60L Waste & Recycling Bin

Our award-winning Totem Max bin has different compartments for your food waste, general waste and recycling so your waste can be easily separated out in just one compact unit. The perfect gift for a man who likes to take control in his kitchen.

Double-Dish Serving Bowl

The unique design of our Double-Dish Serving Bowl is actually two bowls stacked on top of each other, with the lower bowl curved outwards in three places creating chutes down where food waste can be dropped. Perfect for hiding unsightly olive stones, nut shells and candy wrappers!

Chop2Pot™  Plus Folding Chopping Board

For the fathers who can’t help but make a mess in the kitchen, our Chop2Pot Plus Folding Chopping Board is a must buy. The boards make it easy to transfer chopped food into a pot or pan without dropping any bits along the way.