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Next Level Storage Solutions


Do you ever feel like your kitchen cupboards are just not big enough, or no matter how many times you organise them you still can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Kitchen cupboards and larders can quickly become messy places, with different shaped food containers all competing for the same space. Our CupboardStore™ range helps to solve this common household problem with a collection of smart in-cupboard organisers.

The range includes practical storage solutions that will help you organise your cupboard chaos with innovative features to improve visibility and access to stored items while also making the most of space that can otherwise be wasted.

Find out more about each of the products in the collection below.

CupboardStore™ Expandable Tiered Organiser 

This practical storage solution features a clever tiered design that allows you to easily see the items at the back of your cupboard and access them from a variety of different angles. The width of the unit can also be easily expanded to fit the space you have available (maximum width 61.5cm, minimum width 42cm).

CupboardStore™ Under-shelf Storage Container Set

These innovative storage container sets make use of unused space beneath your shelves, thereby maximising every inch of your cupboard area. Their unique design means they can be easily mounted inside or beneath cupboards to provide extra storage space. The containers come with airtight lids to ensure that the contents remain fresh. The unit is easy to fit to your existing shelf using strong 3M™ VHB™ tape, which is included, so no tools are required.

CupboardStore™ Tiered Organiser with Drawer 

This compact unit features a tiered design to help improve visibility and accessibility of jars and tins at the back of your cupboard. It also has a handy drawer for items that are harder to store, such as loose stock cubes, small packets and food paste tubes. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller cupboards.