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Whether you’re hosting in the garden this Easter or simply planning on enjoying some time off with the kids, baking is a time-honoured way to embrace the occasion’s uplifting mood and show your appreciation for your loved ones. Be inspired by our range of baking essentials for Easter which are guaranteed to make your life easy.

TriScale™ Digital Kitchen Scales

Every recipe should start with the scales. With cooking you can guess quantities and substitute, but baking is a finer art. Our TriScale™ Digital Scales are the perfect scales for measuring quantities that fold neatly away so they can fit easily into your cutlery and utensil drawer.

Twist Whisk™

This is one of those tools you can’t substitute if you want results. You can try a fork if you have to, but we promise you’ll realise your mistake for not investing in our Twist Whisk™. With a simple twist of the handle, this clever design can be switched between a balloon whisk and a flat whisk making it ideal for a range of different tasks.

 Nest™ Measure Measuring Cups

This is one of our most-loved kitchenware tools: Nest™ Measure Measuring Cups. It is the ultimate collection of practical and space-saving measuring cups in one set. These cups are individually stacked and snapped securely together for easy, compact storage in your kitchen drawer. Nest™ Measure features eight vibrant-coloured cup sizes and takes the guesswork out of baking!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

A good wooden rolling pin is for life, especially our innovative Adjustable Rolling Pin. It’s the family favourite that’s been rolled by flour-covered hands and sticky little mitts alike. For first-timers or children it’s also really worth investing in a rolling pin with wheels or rings as well: perfectly flat dough is key - many an uneven biscuit has been ruined by being a little too crispy on one side and squidgy on the other.

Roll-Up™ Silicone Pastry Mat

Our large Roll-Up™ Silicone Pastry Mat provides a hygienic, non-slip surface for preparing all kinds of pastry and icing. It has a handy rolling size-guide printed on its surface and, unlike other pastry mats, an integrated, lockable strap that keeps the mat securely rolled when stored!

Nest™ 9 Plus Bowl Set

Rustle up your delicious Easter bakes with a little help from our Nest 9 Plus Bowl Set. This is the ultimate nesting bowl set which includes 5 measuring cups, a sieve, a colander and two mixing bowls – perfect for baking with the kids!

Align™ 2-piece Easy-read Measuring Jug

Read and measure as you pour with our Align™ 2-piece Measuring Cup Set. Cleverly designed with angled sides and clear measurements there is no longer the need to bend down to read!

Elevate™ 5-piece Silicone Utensil Set

The king of all kitchen utensils, our Elevate 5-piece silicone utensil set was made for the best part of baking; we could say that it’s made to minimise, but in reality, the silicone heads are made to make sure you get all that leftover batter into your mouth.