How to Master Lunches 'Al Desko' | Joseph Joseph UK

With the rise in office working (hoorah!), it’s important to prepare your lunches and store them in leak proof containers to ensure there are no spillages on the commute! With a little help from our food and drink on-the-go range, you will be well equipped for lunches ‘al desko’ and your colleagues are bound to be jealous!

GoEat™ Salt & Pepper Travel Set

Add that little bit of extra flavour to your lunches on-the-go with our compact GoEat Salt & Pepper Travel Set. The shakers magnetically clip together so you can easily take them with you wherever you go, making them perfect for packed lunches or picnics!

GoEat™ On-the-go Cutlery Set

Perfect for eating on-the-go, our magnetic GoEat On-the-go Cutlery Set has a handy silicone case and stainless-steel utensils making it ideal for taking food with you to the office or out and about. The design stores neatly together for safe storage in your bag.

Dot Water Bottle

Make sure you never leave the house thirsty with our Dot Water Bottle. Track your daily hydration goals with the bottles innovatively designed lid which displays a new dot each time you refill so you can easily keep count of the number of bottles you drink!

GoEat™ Soup Pot

For the cooler, wet and windy days in the office. Why not get your hands on our GoEat Soup Pot? The innovative leakproof container features a large base compartment for soups or stews, and a smaller top compartment that’s perfect for accompaniments, such as bread or croutons. Wave goodbye to soggy bread. What more could you ask for?

GoEat™ Lunchbox

Our cleverly designed GoEat Lunchbox comprises of 3 different compartments to store the different elements of your tasty lunch. This eliminates the risk of soggy salads and sandwiches by keeping your food as fresh as possible. Once finished, the lunchbox compacts down so you can easily carry it home.

GoEat™ Salad Box

This versatile GoEat Salad Box is perfect for salads as it allows you to keep the leaves separate from more watery ingredients like tomatoes and cucumbers, it even has a little pot perfect for storing your salad dressing. Simply combine all the elements when you’re hungry and ready to eat!