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We’re all conscious of the need to recycle more, but the extra effort to separate, compact and store waste ready for collection can be a hassle and often creates more mess and clutter. That’s where GoRecycle comes in!

Take control of your recycling with our GoRecycle range of collectors and caddies, inventively designed to make home recycling quicker and easier. Available in a range of different sizes and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect recycling bin no matter the size of your kitchen.

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GoRecycle 14L Recycling Caddy

It’s easy to pre-sort, store and transport recycling with our smart, compact recycling caddies. They are divided into two compartments allowing you to separate different types of recycling – such as glass and paper – with lids that close to hide the contents of each side.

GoRecycle 28L Recycling Caddy

The lids, when opened together, create a handle making it very easy to transfer recycling to a larger bin. The two compartments can then be emptied independently by simply folding both lids to each side in turn, which traps the waste in one side as you empty the other.

GoRecycle 32L Recycling Collector

Empty your recycling less often with the simple yet effective design of our GoRecycle recycling collector. It comprises a large 32-litre compartment with a clip-on lid featuring one-way flaps that help trap items as they are pushed in, allowing you to fit more in without it popping back out again. You are able to fit up to twice as much crushable waste inside as a similar sized bin.