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Introducing Surface™

Sort out your sink and get ahead of the Spring Cleaning this year with our Surface™ collection. Each of our stylish sink accessories have lots of handy features to help keep things nice and organised. Wave goodbye to messy, cluttered sink areas and hello to a sleek and minimal look for your sink; the stainless-steel finish adds instant kudos and a touch of sophistication!

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Surface Sink Tidy

A clever accessory for storing your sponges, brushes, dishcloths and washing up liquid neatly beside your sink. This clever tidy has different compartments for each and features a sloping base to allow the water to drain easily.

It’s also available in a smaller size for those with less space around their kitchen sink.

Surface Utensil Pot

Never thought utensil pots could be stylish? In matching stainless-steel finish, this utensil holder is not only eye-catching, it’s also got some very smart features including a slot area for safely storing your sharp knives facing downwards and a removable spoon rest on the base you can use while cooking to keep your surfaces clean. 

Surface Cutlery Drainer

Avoid the mess of cutlery strewn over the draining board with this clever cutlery drainer. It has separate compartments for your knives, forks and spoons as well as a section for smaller items like teaspoons. It also features a sloping base and draining spout to keep your cutlery clean as it dries!

Surface Soap Pump

Complete the set with this super stylish soap pump. It’s a refillable easy-press soap pump with a drip-catching base and features a stainless-steel soap bar that helps remove strong odours like garlic and onion from your hands. The perfect addition to your kitchen sink!