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Say hello to our game-changing kitchen gadgets and tools which are designed to make cooking and food preparation tasks simple. From measuring spoons and peelers to graters and more, each of our designs have their own innovative features to give you the edge in the kitchen.


JuiceMax Dual-action Citrus Press

Ideal for lemons, limes, small oranges or tangerines, squeeze-easy with a little help from our JuiceMax Dual-action Citrus Press. The tool allows you to squeeze and then twist to get the most out of juicing!

GripGrater Fine Paddle Grater

GripGrater™ Fine Paddle Grater

For those who like to add a sharp hit to their cooking, our GripGrater™ Fine Paddle Grater is ideal for grating hard cheese or zesting citrus fruits. It features handy notches on the underside that hook on to the edge of your mixing or serving bowl for easy grating.

Measure-Up Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Measure-Up™ Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Get your bake and make sure the quantities are right with a little help from our Measure-Up™ Adjustable Measuring Spoon. Featuring a sliding handle that allows you to measure both wet and dry ingredients, wave goodbye to the need for multiple spoons!

SafeStore Julienne Peeler

SafeStore™ Julienne Peeler

Featuring a handy integrated blade guard in the handle, our SafeStore™ Julienne Peeler is ideal for cutting matchstick-sized strips of vegetables and features an integrated blade guard in the handle for safe storage in your kitchen drawers.

Pivot 3-in-1 Can Opener

Pivot 3-in-1™ Can Opener

Combining a can opener, bottle opener and ring pull into one multi-functional compact design, our Pivot 3-in-1™ can opener helps to save valuable space in your drawers. Simply rotate the handle to access the multiple tools.

PeelStore Waste Collecting Peeler

PeelStore™ Waste Collecting Peeler

Our clever PeelStore™ Waste Collecting Peeler helps keep mess to a minimum and make delicious salads with the peel that's collected inside the handle as you go. The transparent window on the peeler easily shows when the peeler is full!

CleanForce Garlic Press

CleanForce™ Garlic Press

Crush your garlic fuss-free with our powerful, easy-squeeze CleanForce™ Garlic Press. The easy press even features a wiper blade and a handy scraping tool for easy cleaning.

GripGrater Coarse Paddle Grater

GripGrater™ Coarse Paddle Grater

Get a grip on grating with our GripGrater™ Coarse Paddle Grater. While this grater can be used for a variety of grating tasks, it also features notches that hook onto a bowl edge making it easy to grate directly into a mixture or serving bowl.

SafeStore Straight Peeler

SafeStore™ Straight Peeler

Featuring a handy integrated blade guard in the handle, our SafeStore™ Straight Peeler can be safely stored in your utensil drawer to protect the blade and, more importantly, your fingers!