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The kitchen may be the busiest room in your house, but it doesn’t need to be the most chaotic. If you’re lacking kitchen storage space it’s time to stop focusing on what you don’t have and take your space to the max with our smart (and sneaky!) organisation hacks. Rethink those little nooks and niches and you’ll discover an abundance of kitchen space that you never knew you had!

We’ve rounded up a number of our favourite designs to help you make the most of your space.

DrawerStore Expanding Cookware Organiser

No matter how hard we try to keep our pots, pans and pan lids organised, it seems like they’re always a jumbled – and noisy – mess. Our DrawerStore™ Expanding Cookware Organiser allows you to neatly stack your pots and pans horizontally to limit your frustration and make life easy.

CupboardStore Under-shelf Spice Rack

Breaking news: Your shelves have TWO surfaces perfect for organising kitchen clutter. Place your tins on top and with our CupboardStore™ Under-shelf Spice Rack you can make use of space that would normally go unused by hanging your spice jars underneath.

Podium™ 5-piece Storage Container Set

Easily access any jar without removing others around or above it with our smart Podium™ 5-piece Storage Container Set – perfect for bringing sophistication to your kitchen worktops and keeping your dried food fresher for longer.

CupboardStore Film, Foil and Bag Organiser

If only there was a kitchen foil, cling film and parchment paper hybrid. As we keep wishing that into existence, try our CupboardStore™ Film, Foil and Bag Organiser to keep all of your boxes of storage wrap and bags hidden away in one place.

DoorStore Chop 2-piece Chopping Board Set

Using forgotten spaces like the inside of your kitchen cabinets is the perfect place to store your heavy, clunky items which are annoying to store. Our DoorStore™ Chop 2-piece Chopping Board Set tucks neatly away on the back of the door.

CupboardStore Set of 4 Pan Lid Holders

Space is often wasted by scattered pot lids in drawers or on shelves and that one lid you’re looking for can often be hard to find. Our CupboardStore™ Set of 4 Pan Lid Holders allows you to mount your pan lids onto the inside of your cupboard door to make your life easy.

CupboardStore™ Expandable Tiered Organiser

Organise your cupboard chaos with our CupboardStore™ Expandable Tiered Organiser. It features a clever tiered design that allows you to see and easily access those hidden tins and jars stored right at the back of your cupboards.

DrawerStore Expandable Cutlery Tray

Drawer dividers are not limited to knives, forks and spoons. With our DrawerStore™ Expandable Cutlery Tray you can adjust the size to accommodate large, small and oddly shaped utensils. An innovative storage solution you never knew you needed.

CounterStore™ 100 Worktop Organiser

The compact design of our stylish CounterStore™ 100 Worktop Organiser allows you to store your knives, gadgets and utensils in one convenient place in your kitchen. The perfect addition to every kitchen!