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5 Space-Saving Kitchen Utensils You Will Love

The kitchen. It’s where we love to eat, entertain and unwind. The home of cooking and baking. But for some small home-owners and apartment dwellers, it can also be the room where you feel like you never have quite enough space.

To cleverly maximise every inch of your kitchen countertop and make the most of your cupboard space, try the following essential space-saving kitchen utensils. They will make your life in the kitchen easier, more productive and less cluttered. 

Nest™ 9 Plus Food Preparation Set

A perfect housewarming gift, our Nest™ bowl set is the ultimate collection of practical, space-saving kitchenware. It combines a range of staple kitchenware into one stackable set, keeping your cupboard neat and tidy. This all-inclusive nested set features large and small non-slip mixing bowls, a colander, stainless-steel sieve/strainer and five measuring cups. Picture all those individual items neatly stacked and snapped together securely in your kitchen cupboard or drawer: a blissful space.

DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser

Fall in love with this cutlery organiser that angles and layers each compartment on top of each other for effortless storage, taking up less than half the space of a standard-sized cutlery set. Unlike other cutlery trays, the DrawerStore™ Cutlery Organiser conveniently features an icon reminding you what cutlery to store where and has ample space to place your cutlery either head first or handle first. Easy to use, easy to store and space-saving – what could be better? 

Nest™ Boards 3-piece Chopping Board Set

For the space-conscious chef or baker, the Nest™ Boards 3-piece Chopping Board Set is ideal for space-saving on your kitchen worktop. The nesting chopping board set includes three boards, each of a different size and boasts a neat storage stand allowing the boards to stand upright and stack together when not in use. This simple, yet effective nesting set design makes it easy to store your cutting boards together, neatly in one easily accessible place.

TriScale™ Digital Kitchen Scales

If a lack of space is one problem, then gadgets are another. Traditional gadgets and appliances are often the cause of overcrowded kitchen drawers and shelves, easily caught and tangled with other kitchen tools, preventing the drawers and doors from closing properly. Our TriScale™ Digital Kitchen Scales is the best digital compact kitchen scale of our time! This savvy kitchen gadget not only weighs your ingredients with precision but also neatly folds away after use, allowing it to be stored away in your cutlery and utensil drawer. 

Nest™ Utensils Plus Set

To prevent your essential kitchen tools from hiding away in every nook and cranny of your kitchen, try the multi-purpose Nest™ Utensils Plus Set. The clever design of this 5-piece utensil set means the tools all nest neatly together to take up less room and make it easy to find and access the utensil you want when you need it. It comes with five essential kitchen tools – slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon and ladle – as well as a handy storage stand.