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Festive Waste... Sorted!

 We all create a lot more waste during the festive period but with all the excitement it’s also the easiest time of year to forget about recycling.

Follow our 5 top tips below to recycle what you can and do your bit this year. 


Festive waste


Recycle your empties

We all like to party over the festive season and luckily glass bottles and cans can all be recycled. If your council requires you to split them out or you’re doing a trip to the bottle bank, our Totem bins make the separation easy with different compartments for different waste.



Rethink your wrapping

A lot of metallic or shiny wrapping papers can’t be recycled. Try to avoid these when shopping for gift wrap or opt for a more paired back look and use brown paper. You can also cut out images from last year’s Christmas cards to reuse as gift tags which will add a unique feel to your wrapping.


Save your leftovers

Our eyes are always bigger than our bellies at this time of the year so invest in a good set of storage containers to store any leftover food for the next meal or another recipe. Our Nest™ Lock containers are great for this as they are 100% leakproof and stack together when not in use to save space in your cupboards.



Compost your food waste

If you’re getting rid of leftover food or just the peelings from your vegetables try to compost or recycle them. Our Stack 4 caddy is great for collecting it in as it’s been designed to reduce odours created by food waste.


Don't forget the bathroom!

More people in the house means more toilet rolls used so make sure these are recycled with our Split™ Steel recycler. It’s the perfect size for your bathroom and has separate compartments for both your general waste and recycling.

  • Stack 4 Food Waste Caddy - 4 Litre

    Stack 4

    Speisereste Caddy mit Geruchsfilter

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