CoolTouch Crockery

CoolTouch Crockery

Say goodbye to burnt digits when making your meals in the microwave. Our cool touch range of microwave crockery uses clever technology to keep the outside cool, even when the inside is piping hot! Including bowls, plates and mugs, you’ll be able to handle your food straight from the microwave and serve.

  • M-Cuisine™ Cool-touch Bowl

    M-Cuisine™ Large Bowl

    Mikrowellen-Schale mit Cool-Touch-Funktion

    19,99 €
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  • M-Cuisine™ Cool-touch Dish

    M-Cuisine™ Dish

    Mikrowellen-Behälter mit Cool-Touch-Funktion

    11,99 €
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  • M-Cuisine™ Cool-touch Plate & lid

    M-Cuisine™ Plate & lid

    Mikrowellenteller mit Cool-Touch-Funktion

    15,99 €
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