Editions Range

If you’re searching for the perfect gift idea or want to bring a unique touch of colour to your kitchen, look no further than our new Editions range in Sky. Bringing together a collection of our bestselling products in this season’s most sought after colour palette, Editions Sky blends calming tones of dusty blue and cumulus grey and is inspired by the myriad of hues found in the ever-changing landscape above our heads.

  • Cooking Bundle - Editions

    Cooking Bundle - Editions

    3-teiliges Kochbündel

    224,97 €
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  • Storage Bundle

    Nest Lock & Podium Editions-Speicherpaket

    Speicherpaket - In Verbindung mit Nest Lock

    99,98 €
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  • editions podium 5-piece storage

    Podium™ Storage Container Set - Editions

    5-teiliges Vorratsbehälterset mit Ständer

    59,99 €
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  • Nest™ 9 Plus Bowl Set - Editions

    Nest™ 9 Plus Bowl Set - Editions

    9-teiliges Set für die Zubereitung von Speisen

    64,99 €
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  • Nest Lock 5-piece container set

    Editions Nest™ Lock 5-teiliges Vorratsdosenset

    5-teiliges Satz Nistschalen

    39,99 €
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  • Editions Index Chopping Board Set

    Editions Index Chopping Board Set

    4-teiliges Set farblich gekennzeichneter, rutschfester Schneidebretter mit Aufsteller

    79,99 €
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  • Elevate™ 6 Piece Carousel Set - Editions

    Elevate™ 6 Piece Carousel Set - Editions

    6-teiliges Utensilienset

    79,99 €
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  • Nest™ Utensils Plus - Editions

    Nest™ Utensils Plus - Editions

    5-teiliges Utensilienset

    41,99 €
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