M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set

2 Single-Serve-Popcorn-Hersteller
M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set
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2 Single-Serve-Popcorn-Hersteller

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Mit diesen handlichen Portionsbehältern für die Zubereitung von Popcorn in der Mikrowelle gibt es beim nächsten Film garantiert keinen Streit mehr um das Popcorn. Machen Sie Popcorn in Minutenschnelle und so, wie Sie es wollen. Weil Sie weder Öl noch Butter brauchen, können Sie gesünder naschen.

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19,99 €

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Features & Benefits

There’ll be no more fighting over the popcorn next film night with this set of individual microwave popcorn makers! It’s simple to make perfect popcorn in minutes and add your own flavourings to make it healthier than shop-bought as no oil or butter is required.

This set of 2 popcorn makers allows you to make a single 30g (1 oz) portion at a time- the perfect size for one person!

These microwave popcorn makers are made from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone and comes with an integrated measuring guide in the base so you know how many kernels to add. Once your popcorn is ready the lid flaps conveniently open so you know it’s done.

Suitable for use in microwave ovens with an internal height > 15 cm (6 inches)

Coarse - Perfect for courgetti

Add kernals

Fine - Spiralizes carrots for salads

Close lid & microwave

Grater - Grates cheese and veg

Lid pops up when ready


1) Pour a small amount of kernels into the maker, ensuring they reach up to the same level as the raised circle in the centre (approx 30g). Do not under-fill as this may cause the popcorn to burn.

2) Fold both lid flaps down as shown, making sure they overlap.

3) Place maker in the centre of the microwave oven and cook on full power. Cooking times will vary between 1½ - 5 minutes depending on the power of your microwave. The lid flaps will open during cooking.

4) Watch carefully and stop the microwave when the lid flaps have opened and the popped corn has reached the top of the maker. If the product starts to smoke or a burning smell occurs, stop cooking immediately.

5) Allow to stand for 1 minute then carefully remove product from microwave. Place on a heat-resistant surface and allow to cool until safe to handle – take care as base may still be hot.

6) Add any flavourings and enjoy.

Care and Use


11 x 14.9 x 10 cm

(4½ x 7½ x 4 inches)


250 grams

Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher safe
BPA Free
Microwave Safe


BPA Free
BPA Free


Food Safe
Food Safe

Please note: All microwave ovens vary. Adjust cooking times to suit your particular appliance.

Caution: Always protect hands when removing container from microwave oven.

Container or its contents may become very hot after heating. Please take care when eating popcorn as the occasional unpopped kernel may still be present.



M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set