Bamboo Collection

This season we celebrate one of nature's most versatile resources with an exciting new collection of our best-selling chopping boards in bamboo. Each product has been carefully crafted to retain it's innovative features, whilst taking full advantage of this beautiful, natural material.

  • Elevate™ Messerset mit Messerblock aus Bambus

    Elevate™ Messerset mit Messerblock aus Bambus

    5-teiliges Messerset mit schlankem Messerblock aus Bambus

    119,99 €
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  • bread storage containers

    Brotbehälter mit Schneidebrettdeckel aus Bambusholz

    Brotkasten mit Deckel als Schneidebrett

    59,99 €
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  • Index™ Bamboo

    Index™ Bamboo

    Set of 3 chopping boards

    89,99 €
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  • Cut&Carve™ Bamboo

    Cut&Carve™ Bamboo

    Multi-function chopping board

    49,99 €
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  • Chop2Pot™ Bamboo

    Chop2Pot™ Bamboo

    Folding Bamboo Chopping Board

    24,99 €
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