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7 Inventive Tools for The Passionate Baker

Whether you’re new to baking and looking for baking tools to help improve your skills or a seasoned baker with years of experience, we’ve got all the baking essentials you’ll need but with an inventive twist. These innovative kitchen tools will consistently make baking simple, enjoyable and mess-free.

If you’re passionate about baking, read on for our top 10 essential baking tools that will have you baking up a storm in no time!

Shake-It sieve

Ideal for: the multi-tasking bakers.

Sieving can sometimes be a bit tedious, especially when baking in larger quantities. Our Shake-It sieve has an inventive self-tapping design that mimics hand tapping and causes the flour to fall. It makes sifting quick and easy, so your other hand is free to stir or fold as you add the flour- you’ll be a multitasking master in no time!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Ideal for: the perfectionist bakers.

Our Adjustable Rolling Pin takes the guesswork out of creating the exact pizza base thickness you’ve always dreamed of rolling (just like that Italian restaurant down the road). How is this possible you may ask? Easy – it comes with four sets of removable discs that raise the rolling surface by different amounts – 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm or 10 mm. It makes rolling to exact measurements a breeze.

Adjustable rolling pin
Tilt measuring bowl

Ideal for: the in-control bakers.

Our Tilt™ mixing bowl features a wrap-around, non-slip base. This allows you to tilt the bowl at an angle to make mixing, whisking and combining while baking easier. Say goodbye to baking bowls that slip out from under your grip causing unnecessary spillage and waste.

Nest™ Measure

Ideal for: the practical and space conscious bakers.

This is one of our most-loved kitchenware tools: Nest™ Measure. It is the ultimate collection of practical and space-saving measuring cups in one set. These cups are individually stacked and snapped securely together for easy, compact storage in your kitchen drawer. Nest™ Measure features eight vibrant-coloured cup sizes and takes the guesswork out of baking!

Nest Measure set
Glaze refillable pastry brush

Ideal for: the neat-freak bakers.

There’s two things all bakers agree on:

  1. Glazing can be a bit of a messy ordeal at times (or every time).
  2. It’s important to get that perfectly even glaze.

Well, luckily for you, there’s a solution to all your glazing problems: our refillable pastry brush. The clever design means you don’t have to constantly dip the brush into your mixture, avoiding drips and mess on your work surface. You can also conveniently place it upright between uses. Simply add your egg or sugar wash and squeeze as you glaze! 


Ideal for: the space-conscious bakers.

In baking, precision is everything. In small kitchens, space-saving is everything. TriScale™ combines the two, as the best digital compact kitchen scale of all time! This savvy kitchen gadget not only weighs your ingredients with accuracy, but also neatly folds away, allowing for easy storage in your cutlery and utensil drawer. 

Triscale digital scales
Fin bowl scraper

Ideal for: the perfectionist bakers.

Keep calm because you won’t miss a drop with our silicone bowl scraper. This inventive bowl scraper, also known as a ‘cake scraper’, is uniquely flexible and curved, ensuring you get all your mixture or dough from the bowl with ease. The silicone bowl scraper can also be placed upright, avoiding any mess on your kitchen surface. This useful baking tool is an essential for every baker!

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