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Food Wastage

In the UK and US, the average household throws away between 25-30% of the food and drink it purchases, mainly due to food spoilage. Keeping track of Best Before dates is tricky and if there is any doubt about a food’s condition, it is usually thrown out.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with Love Food Hate Waste to highlight the problem of food waste and why we’ve developed a new range of food storage containers designed to combat the ‘if in doubt, throw it out’ mindset.

Love Your Leftovers

Roast Dinner Quiche

Roast Dinner Quiche Recipe

Top 10 Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Top 10 Tips for Reducing Food Waste

How to make homemade baby food

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

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No more guesswork, these clever storage containers have a rotating dial in the lid which allows you to easily record the use by date.

Dial™ Baby

This range features individual portion-sized pots for stage 1 and 2 to make storing and serving food for babies safe and easy.