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Parmesan Crisps

This quick and easy recipe is a handy go-to for a quick snack or to serve as nibbles. The thyme and sesame seeds give a great flavour to the cheese and matches perfectly with a glass of wine. 


Serves : 4 

Total cooking time : 10 minutes

Difficulty : Super easy

Valentines Day Cookies


160g parmesan cheese

2tbsp of sesame seeds

A few sprigs of Thyme

  1. Grate the cheese (the fine blade of our Prism™ box grater is the perfect thickness for this)
  2. Place small heaps of the cheese onto a sheet of non-stick foil then sprinkle with the thyme and sesame seeds
  3. Bake under a medium grill until they begin to turn golden
  4. Leave to cool for a few minutes before removing from the foil
  5. Serve and enjoy!
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