The Entertainer

The Entertainer

This clever range of gadgets will help them host effortlessly throughout Christmas and beyond

  • M-Cuisine Popcorn Maker Set

    M-Cuisine Popcorn Maker Set

    2 single-serve popcorn makers

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  • BarWise™ Bottle Opener Gift Set

    BarWise™ Bottle Opener Gift Set

    2-piece bottle opener set

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  • The Entertainer Gift Set

    The Entertainer Gift Set

    Pizza wheel and bottle opener set

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  • M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker

    M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker

    Microwave popcorn maker

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  • BarWise™ Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

    BarWise™ Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

    Bottle opener with cap collector

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  • BarWise™ Waiter's Friend

    BarWise™ Waiter's Friend

    One-pull waiter’s friend corkscrew

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  • Disc


    Easy-clean pizza wheel

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  • BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener

    BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Any-way magnetic bottle opener


    Regular Price: €12.00

    Special Price €9.50

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  • BarWise™ Corkscrew

    BarWise™ Corkscrew

    Easy-action winding corkscrew

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  • Scoop&Pick™


    2-piece olive spoon and fork set

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  • QuickSnap™ Plus

    QuickSnap™ Plus

    Easy-release ice cube tray with lid

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