Baking Tools

Baking Tools

Fancy yourself as a Star Baker or just learning to bake? We’ve got the baking tools and equipment you need to bake up a storm in the kitchen. From rolling pins to measuring cups, kitchen scales to whisks, our innovative designs make baking a piece of cake.

  • Nest™ Mix

    Nest™ Mix

    4-piece nesting bowl set with egg yolk separator

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  • Glaze


    Refillable silicone pastry brush

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  • Fin™


    Silicone bowl scraper

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  • Whiskle™


    2-in-1 whisk with bowl scraper

    From: €10.00
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  • Roll-up™


    Non-slip silicone pastry mat

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  • Adjustable Rolling Pin - Multicolour

    Adjustable Rolling Pin

    With measuring rings

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  • Catcher™


    Citrus reamer with pip catcher

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  • CookBook™


    Folding Recipe Stand

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  • Duo Bake™

    Duo Bake™

    2-in-1 dough cutter & scraper

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  • Elevate™ Cookie Turner

    Elevate™ Cookie Turner

    Cookie Turner with integrated tool rest

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  • Elevate™ Spatula

    Elevate™ Spatula

    Spatula with integrated tool rest

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  • Nest™ Measure

    Nest™ Measure

    Nesting measuring cup set

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  • Shake-it™


    Self-tapping sieve

    From: €22.00
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  • TriScale™


    Folding digital scale

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  • Twist™


    2-in-1 silicone whisk

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