Our range of clever colanders come in a variety of sizes and shapes to let you drain your pasta or vegetables with ease. Each colander in our range boasts innovative features to make them a highly practical kitchen essential.

  • Prep&Serve™


    Multi-function bowl with integrated colander

    From: €16.50
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  • Rinse&Chop™ Plus

    Rinse&Chop™ Plus

    Folding chopping board with integrated colander

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  • Scoop™ Plus

    Scoop™ Plus

    Large and Small Colanders

    From: €12.00
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  • Square Colander

    Square Colander

    Ergonomic colander

    From: €13.00
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  • Nest™ Colanders

    Nest™ Colanders

    2-piece nesting colander set

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