Nesting Bowl Sets

Nesting Bowl Sets

Make the most of your kitchen cupboard space and invest in a nesting bowl set. These ingenious, space-saving sets combine a whole range of useful kitchenware from mixing bowls to sieves and measuring cups, into one stackable set, keeping your cupboard neat and tidy. 

  • Nest™ 9 Plus

    Nest™ 9 Plus

    9-piece nesting bowl set

    Regular Price: €62.00

    Special Price €51.50

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  • Nest™ 7 Plus

    Nest™ 7 Plus

    7-piece nesting bowl set

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  • Nest™ Mix

    Nest™ Mix

    4-piece nesting bowl set with egg yolk separator

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  • Nest™ 100

    Nest™ 100

    9-piece stainless steel nesting bowl set

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