Browse our new arrivals section for all the latest innovations in cookware, cleaning and storage. From brand new cooking and baking tools, to our latest recycling bins our extensive range of kitchenware and houseware continues to grow each season, so don’t forget to check back for all the newest products.

  • EasyStore™ Toothbrush caddy
  • Slim™ Soap Dish

    Slim™ Soap Dish

    Compact soap dish

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  • EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy

    EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy

    Bathroom storage

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  • Split™


    Bathroom waste separation bin

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  • Flex™


    Toilet brush

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  • Flex™ Plus

    Flex™ Plus

    Toilet brush with storage caddy

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  • Nest™ Oven

    Nest™ Oven

    3-piece roasting set

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  • Surface™ Sink Tidy
  • Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Stainless steel knife & utensil holder

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  • Surface™ Soap Pump Set

    Surface™ Soap Pump Set

    Stainless steel soap pump and bar set

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  • Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Stainless steel cutlery drainer

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  • Nest™ Glass Storage

    Nest™ Glass Storage

    4-piece food container set

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  • Titan


    Trash Compactor

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  • Index™ Compact

    Index™ Compact

    Compact chopping board set

    From: €35.00

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  • Helix Garlic Press

    Helix Garlic Press

    Hand-held garlic crusher

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  • Helix Citrus Juicer

    Helix Citrus Juicer

    Hand-held citrus juicer

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  • Helix Potato Ricer

    Helix Potato Ricer

    Hand-held potato ricer

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  • Can-Do Plus

    Can-Do Plus

    Can opener with ring-pull hook

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  • Y-Rack™


    2-tier self-draining dish rack

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  • Extra strong custom-fit liners (IW3) - 17 Litre

    IW4 Compaction Liners - 30 Litre

    Extra strong custom-fit bin compaction liners

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  • M-Cuisine Popcorn Maker Set

    M-Cuisine Popcorn Maker Set

    2 single-serve popcorn makers

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  • Prism™


    4-in-1 box grater

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  • Dot


    Water bottle with hydration counting lid

    From: €12.00
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  • Multi-slice™


    2-in-1 cheese slicer

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  • Spiro


    3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer

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