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  • Wash&Drain™ Store

    Wash&Drain™ Store

    Dishwashing bowl with plug and storage

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  • Presto™ Hygienic Soap Dispenser

    Presto™ Hygienic Soap Dispenser

    Soap dispenser with easy-push pump

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  • dish racks

    Flip-up™ Draining Board

    Adjustable draining board

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  • Push&Tear™ Kitchen Roll Holder

    Push&Tear™ Kitchen Roll Holder

    Kitchen roll holder with roll locking feature

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  • Compo™ 4 Food Waste Caddy - 4 Litre - Stone

    Compo™ 4 Food Waste Caddy

    Easy-fill food waste bin with flip-up lid

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  • DrawerStore™ Spice Jar Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Spice Jar Organiser

    Compact spice jar organiser

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  • DrawerStore™ Compact Cutlery Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Compact Cutlery Organiser

    Compact cutlery organiser

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  • DrawerStore™ Compact Knife Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Compact Knife Organiser

    Compact 2-tier knife organiser

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  • DoorStore™ Chop

    DoorStore™ Chop

    2-piece chopping board set with in-cupboard storage case

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  • DoorStore™ Utensils

    DoorStore™ Utensils

    Elevate™ Silicone utensil set with in-cupboard storage rack

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  • bread storage containers

    Bread Bin with bamboo cutting board lid

    Bread bin with high quality bamboo lid

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