Kitchen Storage

Is your kitchen due a sort out? We have everything you'll need, whether you're sorting the cutlery drawer or de-cluttering around your sink.

  • DrawerStore™

    DrawerStore™ Expanding Cutlery Tray

    Expandable cutlery tray

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  • Podium™ Storage Container Set

    Podium™ Storage Container Set

    3 or 5 piece storage container set with stand

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  • Caddy™ Tower Sink Tidy

    Caddy™ Tower Sink Tidy

    Slimline sink storage organiser

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  • DrawerStore™ Cutlery, Utensil and Gadget Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Cutlery, Utensil and Gadget Organiser

    Cutlery, utensil and gadget organiser

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  • CounterStore™


    Kitchen worktop organiser

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  • Extend™ Dish Drainer

    Extend™ Dish Drainer

    Expandable dish drainer

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  • Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Stainless steel knife & utensil holder

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  • Surface™ Sink Tidy
  • DrawerStore™ Compact Cutlery Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Compact Cutlery Organiser

    Compact cutlery organiser

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  • DrawerStore™ Compact Knife Organiser

    DrawerStore™ Compact Knife Organiser

    Compact 2-tier knife organiser

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  • Sink Pod™ In-Sink Tidy

    Sink Pod™ In-Sink Tidy

    Compact in-sink tidy

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  • Caddy™ Large Sink Tidy

    Caddy™ Large Sink Tidy

    Large sink storage organiser

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  • Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Stainless steel cutlery drainer

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  • Dock™ Cutlery Drainer

    Dock™ Cutlery Drainer

    Cutlery drainer with tiered compartments

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  • Sink Aid™ In-Sink Tidy

    Sink Aid™ In-Sink Tidy

    In-sink storage organiser

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  • Y-Rack™


    2-tier self-draining dish rack

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  • CounterStore™ 100 - Worktop Organiser

    CounterStore™ 100 - Worktop Organiser

    Organised storage for utensils, gadgets and knives.

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