Food Storage

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  • Nest™ Lock Single Container
  • Nest™ Lock Same-Size Containers

    Nest™ Lock Same-Size Containers

    Same-size nesting storage container sets

    From: £18.00

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  • Dot Water Bottle

    Dot Water Bottle

    Water bottle with hydration counting lid

    From: £10.00
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  • Steel Bread Bin

    Steel Bread Bin

    Bread bin with bamboo cutting board lid

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  • Bread Bin 100

    Bread Bin 100

    Bread bin with reversible cutting board lid

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  • GoEat™ Soup pot

    GoEat™ Soup pot

    Space-saving soup container

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  • GoEat™ Salad box

    GoEat™ Salad box

    Space-saving salad container

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  • joseph lunch box

    GoEat™ Lunch box

    Space-saving lunch box

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  • Nest™ Lock Multi-Size Containers

    Nest™ Lock Multi-Size Containers

    Multi-size nesting storage container sets

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