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Top tips for an organised kitchen

It always feel good after you declutter and organise your space. So, whether your kitchen is tiny or spacious, we have plenty of innovative storage and waste ideas to transform it into an area you'll enjoy spending time in. Our inventive designs will help you to maintain a tidy kitchen so that you can streamline your food storage, cooking and the clean-up after. Get ready for a happier kitchen with our top organisation tips!

Take your food storage to a whole new level

Kitchen cupboards and worktops can be tricky to keep tidy with most households often having lots different dried foods being stored in one area. This can sometimes make retrieving what you need a messy affair.  Our clever Podium™ storage container sets feature a clever stand that makes accessing any container really easy, so no more balancing acts or spilt food when reaching for a jar. The airtight silicone lids are guaranteed to keep your foods fresh and the individual jars feature easy-pour corners that make transferring ingredients such as lentils easier and less messy.  Available as a 3-piece and 5-piece set.

Podium food storage container
DrawerStore cutlery organiser

Conquer your cutlery drawer

Without some sort of organisation, cutlery drawers can easily become disorganised. But drawers vary in size and some people collect a lot more siliverware than others. Our compact DrawerStore Cutlery Organiser actually creates space in your drawer by fitting a full set of cutlery in less than half the space! It features layered compartments and an angled design that stack your knives, forks and spoons on top of each other, thereby saving space and leaving your cutlery drawer neat and organised! 


Streamline your kitchen sink

Sink areas can easily get cluttered with washing-up liquid bottles, sponges and cleaning brushes. But don't despair, our highly functional kitchen Caddy™ is here to save the day and your work surfaces! This attractive sink accessories holder allows your cleaning tools to be stored together neatly in one place, whilst they dry. Both handy and practical, our sink caddy is an essential item for every kitchen. Available in two sizes. 

Caddy sink tidy
Surface Utensil Pot

Easily-access your favourite tools

If you prefer to keep your most regulary-used utensils within easy reach, our Surface™ Utensil Pot is the perfect solution. This unique design is both a practical and stylish way to store and organise your knives and utensils. One side is ideal for storing long-handled kitchen tools and the other side features knife slots to safely store your sharp blades. It also features a handy removable spoon rest - great for keeping your worktop mess-free.  

Compact your waste. Empty less often.

Constantly emptying the bin and replacing liners is a hassle and can become costly over time. So why not get smart with your bin storage?  Our Titan Trash Compactor features a hygienic compaction system that allows you to compact your waste without getting your hands dirty. It can even hold up to three times more than a similar-sized household bin. This mean that you empty your bin less often and use fewer liners. Consider our home rubbish compactor to save you space, time and money. 

Titan Trash Compactor
Totem 60

Separate your waste and recycling

The kitchen is the room in the house that creates the most waste. It’s often necessary to have more than one rubbish bin for separating different types of waste and recycling which can take up valuable space and sometimes look untidy. Introducing Totem 60; from food waste, to paper, glass and plastic, this clever bin lets you separate different types of waste all within one stylish unit. The top compartment is ideal for general waste and the bottom features a removable divider allowing you to separate your recycling further. Both drawers can be used to store the 4 litre food waste caddy or you can keep it on your countertop! Finally, an integrated odour filter in Totem's lid helps minimise unpleasant smells. This highly flexible bin is perfect for maximising your floor and storage space.

Compost your food waste

If you're looking for a food waste bin that helps keep unpleasant smells at bay, Our Stack 4 food waste caddy is the perfect solution. It features a unique ventilated design that allows air to circulate, reducing moisture buildup, and trapping any bad odours in the integrated filter. It also features an easy-clean body and is ideal for storing on your worktop or in your cupboards. For added peace of mind, compostable IW2 liners and replaceable odour filters are available. Stack 4 is the perfect solution if you're looking to compost or recycle your food waste convieniently. 

Stack 4

So, next time you're looking to tidy up your kitchen, why not consider one of our clever organisation solutions below?