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Meet the Makers

Meet the makers

Georgie Jones

Trade Marketing Manager

Get to know the faces behind the brand with our Meet the Makers Q&A. Whether it’s our designers, accountants or sales guys, we’ve asked the team some probing questions to give you an insight into how we work at Joseph Joseph. This week it’s Trade Marketing Manager Georgie’s turn…

What’s the best bit about your job?

Having our brilliant new and innovative products presented to me ahead of a new season – I am always so excited to start working with the new product ranges and coming up with the best ways to launch them in store! (And try and convince the NPD team to give me a freebie before it officially launches).

What’s the oddest thing you’ve had to do in your role at Joseph Joseph?

Probably when I ordered a load of our branded Point Of Sale to be sent to the office as a lady got in contact with me to ask if she could have some of our Joseph Joseph logo blocks to stick to her cats bed – he was called Joseph!

All-time favourite Joseph Joseph product?

I can’t tell you my ABSOLUTE favourite as it hasn’t launched yet, but I would say that our bins are awesome. I recently sent one to my Mum and she said she wasn’t going to use it yet as she was saving it for a treat….. she’s bonkers, it is a bin!

What would you choose for your last meal?

I am a massive foodie, and I love all foods but my absolute favourite meals are some kind of pasta dish and Beef Wellington. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so I would probably have Spaghetti Carbonara to start, then Beef Welly with Dauphinoise potatoes (naturally) followed by the biggest cheese wheel I could find.

Favourite TV show right now?

I love The Affair! Just finished season 3, enjoyed every second. Also just binge watched Lost from start to finish, the original epic box set. LOVED IT.

Any guilty pleasures?

Any? At all? Hmmm….. I have a serious crush on James Martin from Saturday Morning Kitchen. My Saturdays just aren’t the same now he has left. 

I couldn’t live without…

My phone. I am a social media addict. I Instagram just about anything!

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    3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer