Barware and Serveware

It’s important to have reliable serveware for entertaining, luckily our range is highly functional as well as stylish. From serving trays to bowls and dishes, our innovative designs are sure to have your guests suitably impressed. Make cleaning up after your dinner party even easier with our washing up accessories.

  • Milltop™


    Non-spill salt & pepper mill set

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  • BarWise™ Compact lever corkscrew

    BarWise™ Compact lever corkscrew

    Unique folding design

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  • BarWise™ Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

    BarWise™ Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

    Set of 2 wine stoppers

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  • BarWise™ Bottle Opener Gift Set

    BarWise™ Bottle Opener Gift Set

    2-piece bottle opener set

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  • BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener

    BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Any-way magnetic bottle opener

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  • BarWise™ Corkscrew

    BarWise™ Corkscrew

    Easy-action winding corkscrew

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  • BarWise™ Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

    BarWise™ Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

    Bottle opener with cap collector

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  • BarWise™ Waiter's Friend

    BarWise™ Waiter's Friend

    One-pull waiter’s friend corkscrew

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  • Scoop&Pick™


    2-piece olive spoon and fork set

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  • QuickSnap™ Plus

    QuickSnap™ Plus

    Easy-release ice cube tray with lid

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  • Dimple™


    Non-drip ice-cream scoop

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  • Axis™


    Folding silicone pot stand

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  • Stretch™


    Expandable trivet

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  • Stretch™ 100

    Stretch™ 100

    Stainless steel pot stand


    Regular Price: £35.00

    Special Price £24.50

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