Graters, Peelers & Reamers

Graters, Peelers & Reamers

Grate, peel and ream your way to kitchen bliss with our range of graters, peelers and reamers. We’ve got the tools to help you create delicious food at home whether it’s a handy cheese grater, a super-efficient potato peeler or a clever lemon reamer you’re looking for. Don’t forget our smart potato ricer to make your cooking even more efficient.

  • Prism™


    4-in-1 box grater

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  • Helix Citrus Juicer

    Helix Citrus Juicer

    Hand-held citrus juicer

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  • Multi-slice™


    2-in-1 cheese slicer

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  • Fold Flat Grater™ Plus

    Fold-flat Grater™ Plus

    4-in-1 folding grater

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  • Handi-Grate™


    2-in-1 mini grater and slicer

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  • Spiro


    3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer

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  • The Peeling Perfectionist

    The Peeling Perfectionist

    3-piece peeling gift set


    Regular Price: £18.00

    Special Price £13.50

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  • Shred-Line™


    Stainless steel garlic and ginger grater

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  • Handi-Zest™


    Citrus zester

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  • Twist Grater™

    Twist Grater™

    2-in-1 grater

    Regular Price: £20.00

    Special Price £12.00

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  • Multi-peel™


    Multi-function peelers

    Regular Price: £9.00

    Special Price £6.75

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  • Catcher™


    Citrus reamer with pip catcher

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  • Rotary Peeler™

    Rotary Peeler™

    3-in-1 vegetable peeler

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