Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with our innovative range of bathroom accessories. From a revolutionary toilet brush to clever storage solutions, each item has its own unique features. Together, though, they make an impressive set of stylish and practical products that will help keep the bathroom the tidiest room in the house! Don't forget to keep your favourite products clean with our : brushes & sponges.

  • Flex™


    Toilet brush

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  • Flex™ Plus

    Flex™ Plus

    Toilet brush with storage caddy

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  • EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy

    EasyStore™ Bathroom caddy

    Bathroom storage

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  • Split™


    Bathroom waste separation bin

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  • Slim™ Soap Dish

    Slim™ Soap Dish

    Compact soap dish

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  • EasyStore™ Toothbrush caddy
  • Slim™ Soap Pump

    Slim™ Soap Pump

    Compact soap dispenser

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