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Brilliant Breakfasts

Breakfast; the first meal of the day. Many doctors and nutritionists argue it’s also the day’s most important meal, setting you up before going about the day’s activities – but if you’re time-pressured it’s easy to skip it. Whether you’re looking to cook eggs every morning or make something more special on weekends, add some greens to your morning routine or enjoy some sliced avocado on toast, we have the breakfast gadgets and tools to make your morning meal quick to prepare and delicious to eat. Read on to discover our top picks for a brilliant breakfast!

Poach like a pro

You don’t have to be a chef to make poached eggs, with our Poach-Pro™ you can turn out delicious results every time.  The clever two-piece design ensures an even shape and a mess-free pan - avoiding any bits of egg from going to waste.

Poach-Pro™ also allows you to infuse the eggs with flavour whilst cooking -  choose from a whole world of herbs and spices for a tasty alternative to traditional poached eggs. 


A nifty tool for avocado lovers

Preparing your beloved avocado on toast in the mornings doesn’t have to be a difficult, messy and occasionally unsafe affair. Avoid avocado hand with our ingenious GoAvocado™ - it makes preparing avocados a breeze. This handy 3-in-1 kitchen tool is every avocado-lover’s must-have gadget, letting you cut, de-stone, slice and scoop all in one.


Spiralize your way to 5-a-day

We all should be eating lots of veg, but how do you squeeze more into your day? Start with breakfast! Whether you’re wanting to make a delicious breakfast wrap with salad, savoury zucchini and carrot pancakes or an omelette with a twist, our Spiro 3-in-1 spiralizer is perfect for adding a healthy portion of veg to your breakfast. It has two styles of spiralizing blade for different noodle thicknesses, plus a handy grating blade. Best of all it collects the food as you spiralize, keeping surfaces mess-free.

Spiro Spiralizer
Microwave egg poacher

Breakfast in a hurry

Make delicious poached eggs in minutes with our M-Cuisine microwave egg poacher. This cleverly designed gadget poaches the eggs in water for a classic taste whilst the lift and drain colander means you can serve with minimal mess.  This handy poacher is perfect for cooking eggs when time is limited or taking into work for a nutritious breakfast al desko.


Separate eggs the easy way

Separating eggs doesn’t have to be a tricky, drawn-out process. Our YolkCatcher™ lets you separate egg whites from egg yolks quickly and easily, while keeping the yolk intact. This clever egg yolk separator features an integrated egg cracker, pouring spout and collecting base. It’s perfect for fluffy breakfast pancakes or for making high protein low-fat breakfasts - allowing you to make egg white omelettes and scrambled eggs without the yolk.

Nest Mix

Cook up a breakfast storm

A must-have for those who enjoy going all out for breakfast, Nest™ Mix is comprised of 3 nesting mixing bowls (small, medium and large), and an egg yolk separator. Each bowl has its own stainless-steel egg-cracker for the perfect break. These innovative mixing bowls ingeniously stack, making them easy to access and store in your kitchen drawer or cupboard. They’ll look great and brighten up any kitchen while you whip up tasty filled omelettes or pancakes – or both.


Squeeze in some flavour

Whether it’s to squeeze over your smoked salmon bagel, cinnamon pancakes or avocado on toast – lemon juice is a must! Our powerful Helix Citrus Juicer features a unique twisting mechanism that lets you get more squeezing power from less effort - perfect for juicing lemons and limes or even adding some zest to your morning smoothie!

Helix Citrus Juicer

Whether you’re looking to make your breakfasts healthier or want to make weekend brunches more of a family affair, our range of practical, functional and inventive kitchenware can help. Explore our full range below.