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All-new Totem – Award-winning design. Now even better.

At Joseph Joseph, we’re constantly striving for perfection. Not only when we’re creating and developing our designs, but also after they launch. Even our bestselling products undergo a process of re-evaluation and refinement to ensure they’re always at the top of their game. 

That’s exactly what we’ve done with Totem, our award-winning waste and recycling bin, designed by PearsonLloyd. Launched in 2015, Totem has revolutionised waste management in the home by allowing you separate a wide variety of waste and recycling in one compact unit, eliminating the need to have additional bins, bags and containers, which look unsightly and take up valuable space.

Since its launch, the Totem concept has won multiple design and innovation awards, including most recently, a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2018. Now, for 2019, the product has been completely redesigned and re-engineered to make it an even more practical and effective waste management solution for your home.


Read on to find everything you need to know about the all-new Totem.

All-new Totem waste and recycling bins

What’s new…

- Introducing Totem Max (60L) and Totem Compact (40L) - two new sizes designed to suit a wide range of households

- Brand new construction featuring a strong vertical stand and optimised footprint 

- Advanced odour control with airflow technology 

- Larger recycling drawer providing equal 50:50 separation

- Interchangeable buckets with easy-lift corners

- Redesigned food waste caddy with lid and hanging hook


Optimised space-saving design

A key part of the redesign was to optimise the footprint of Totem for different-sized households. To achieve this, we’ve created two new models – Totem Max (60L) and Totem Compact (40L). Both share the same innovative features and vertical space-saving design but have different footprints meaning there’s now the perfect Totem for both large and small kitchens.

The backbone of Totem’s new construction is a strong vertical stand, which gives both strength and stability to the design. As well as helping to optimise the footprint, it also allows the bottom drawer to be designed as a single unit, ensuring it maintains its stability when completely removed. This unique feature also creates a striking aesthetic, making the top compartment appear to float in the air when the bottom drawer is removed.

Waste separation made easy
Advanced odour control
Removable food waste caddy

Waste separation made easy

Both Totem Max and Totem Compact feature two equally split compartments that are arranged vertically to save space and allow for easy filling and emptying. Each compartment has a removable bucket with integrated hooks on each side, so you can use either one liner or two smaller bags, giving you the ultimate flexibility to sort your waste and recycling.

Advanced odour control

Both units feature a ventilated odour filter compartment in the lid that allows the air to flow through, reducing moisture and therefore preventing odours from building up. The replaceable activated carbon filters normally last for around 3 months and are quick and easy to change.

Removable food waste caddy

Totem Max and Totem Compact units also feature a removable food waste caddy that can be stored in either compartment or on your worktop. The caddy has its own lid which can be conveniently stored on the side of Totem whilst filling or emptying the caddy.

Discover the collection…

Totem Max and Totem Compact have been designed to fit in a variety of households and compliment a wide variety of kitchen styles. As well as being available in two sizes, each one also comes in three different colourways: Stainless steel, Stone and Graphite. The stainless-steel versions feature a fingerprint-proof coating, whilst the other models are finished in an easy-clean powder-coated steel.


Custom-fit liners for the main compartments and compostable liners for the food waste caddy are available separately, as are replaceable odour filters. Check out our exclusive online multipacks that are designed to keep you stocked up for longer. Totem is also compatible with standard liners.