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The Scoop

ChocoMallow Toffee Popcorn

This tasty treat is perfect for a cosy night in. Using our individual M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set means everyone gets their own portion so there's no fighting over who gets the most. 


Serves : 2

Total cooking time : 10 minutes

Difficulty : Super easy

Valentines Day Cookies


40g popping corn

60g coconut honey or maple syrup

40g cashew nut butter

½ tsp cinnamon

Pinch salt

40g mini marshmallows

40g chocolate chips

  1. Pop the popping corn in the M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Makers as instructed.

  2.  Melt together the coconut honey or syrup, cashew nut butter and cinnamon in a saucepan until creamy and smooth.

  3.  Pour over the popped corn with a large pinch of salt and stir until sticky.

  4.  Add in the mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and stir until evenly combined.

  5.  Serve and enjoy! 

Essential Equipment