Brushes & Sponges

Brushes & Sponges

Make your home shine with our range of cleaning brushes and sponges. Not just your average kitchen sponges or scrubbing brushes, our additional, clever features are designed to take the hassle out of cleaning…hello domestic prowess!

  • SmartBar™


    Refillable stainless steel soap bar

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  • BladeBrush™


    Knife and cutlery cleaning brush

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  • Brush-up™


    In-sink washing up brush

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  • Soapy-Sponge™


    Soap dispensing dish sponge

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  • Palm Scrub™

    Palm Scrub™

    Soap dispensing washing-up brush with stand

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  • Edge™ Dish Brush

    Edge™ Dish Brush

    Washing up brush with sink rest

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  • Edge™ Glass Brush

    Edge™ Glass Brush

    Glass brush with sink rest


    Regular Price: £9.00

    Special Price £5.40

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