BarWise™ is a stylish range of innovative bar tools that revolutionises the way you open bottles. The intuitive design of each product makes opening capped or corked bottles far easier than with conventional openers.

  • BarWise™ Compact lever corkscrew

    BarWise™ Compact lever corkscrew

    Unique folding design

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  • BarWise™ Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

    BarWise™ Twist-Lock Wine Stoppers

    Set of 2 wine stoppers

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  • BarWise™ Waiter's Friend One-pull corkscrew

    BarWise™ Waiter's Friend One-pull corkscrew

    One-pull waiter’s friend corkscrew

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  • BarWise™ Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener

    BarWise™ Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener

    Bottle opener with cap collector


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    Special Price £9.60

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