The Joseph Joseph Surface Collection is a range of stylish sink accessories with a fingerprint-proof, stainless steel finish. Each piece is as practical as it is sleek, with a variety of specially designed features including sloped bases and dismantling for easy cleaning. From cutlery drainers to sink tidies, each product will make cluttered sink areas a thing of the past!

  • Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Stainless steel cutlery drainer

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  • Surface™ Soap Pump Set

    Surface™ Soap Pump Set

    Stainless steel soap pump and bar set

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  • Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Surface™ Utensil Pot

    Stainless steel knife & utensil holder

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  • Surface™ Sink Tidy