Mashers, Ricers & Steamers

Perfect your side dishes with our range of mashers, potato ricers and steamers. Our unique designs make short work of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, letting you prepare a tasty family meal in no time. Create your perfect meal over one of our colour coded chopping boards.

  • Bloom™ Folding Steamer Basket

    Bloom™ Folding Steamer Basket

    Folding steamer basket

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  • Easy-Mash™ Ergonomic Potato Masher

    Easy-Mash™ Ergonomic Potato Masher

    Potato masher with a non-slip grip

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  •  Delta Potato Masher

    Delta Masher - Potato Masher

    Ergonomic folding masher

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  • Helix Potato Ricer

    Helix Potato Ricer

    Hand-held potato ricer

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  • Nest™ Steam Steamer Set

    Nest™ Steam Steamer Set

    3-piece steaming pod set

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  • Lotus™ Plus Steamer Basket

    Lotus™ Plus Steamer Basket

    Folding steamer basket


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    Special Price £7.50

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