Roasting Accessories

Whether you’re preparing a Sunday roast or a festive meal, you’ll need some handy roasting tools and accessories to get it just right. We’ve got everything you need to baste, flavour and carve your way to roasting perfection. Serve your Sunday roast in style with our bareware & serveware.

  • Elevate™ Knives Bamboo

    Elevate™ Knives Bamboo

    5-piece knife set with slimline bamboo block

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  • PowerGrip™ Kitchen Scissors

    PowerGrip™ Kitchen Scissors

    Multi-purpose kitchen scissors

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  • The Complete Carving Set

    The Complete Carving Set

    3-piece gadget and utensil gift set

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  • Index™ with Knives

    Index™ Chopping Board Set With Knives

    Colour-coded chopping board and knife set

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  • Cut&Carve™ Plus

    Cut&Carve™ Plus

    Non-slip, multi-function chopping board

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  • Cut&Carve™ Bamboo

    Cut&Carve™ Bamboo

    Multi-function chopping board

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  • Elevate™ Carousel with Tongs

    Elevate™ Carousel with Tongs

    6-piece kitchen utensil set with stand

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  • Index™ Chopping Board Set

    Index™ Chopping Board Set

    Colour-coded chopping board set

    From: £52.00
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  • ThermoBaste™


    3-piece roasting and basting set

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  • Nest™ Glass Storage

    Nest™ Glass Storage

    4-piece food container set

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