Food & Drink On The Go

Food & Drink On The Go

Enjoy homemade food on the go with our cleverly designed lunch boxes, containers and cutlery. Whether it’s a summer picnic or your everyday work lunch, you can easily pack up your leftovers, salads, soups, sandwiches or anything you like to eat on the go.

  • GoEat™ Lunch box

    GoEat™ Lunch box

    Space-saving lunch box

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  • Dot


    Water bottle with hydration counting lid

    From: £9.00
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  • GoEat™ Salad box

    GoEat™ Salad box

    Space-saving salad container

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  • GoEat™ Soup Pot

    GoEat™ Soup pot

    Space-saving soup container

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  • GoEat™ Snack pot (

    GoEat™ Snack pot

    Space-saving snack container

    Regular Price: £9.00

    Special Price £7.00

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  • GoEat™ Cutlery set

    GoEat™ Cutlery set

    Portable cutlery set and case

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