Food & Drink On The Go

Enjoy homemade food on the go with our cleverly designed lunch boxes, containers and cutlery. Whether it’s a summer picnic or your everyday work lunch, you can easily pack up your leftovers, salads, soups, sandwiches or anything you like to eat on the go. Explore our cleaning range to keep your on the go products looking brand new.

  • Dot


    Water bottle with hydration counting lid

    From: £10.00
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  • GoEat™ Lunch box

    GoEat™ Lunch box

    Space-saving lunch box

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  • GoEat™ Salad box

    GoEat™ Salad box

    Space-saving salad container

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  • GoEat™ Soup pot

    GoEat™ Soup pot

    Space-saving soup container

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  • GoEat™ Cutlery set

    GoEat™ Cutlery set

    Portable cutlery set and case

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  • GoEat™ Snack pot

    GoEat™ Snack pot

    Space-saving snack container

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