BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener

Any-way magnetic bottle opener
BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener
Any-way magnetic bottle opener

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Open bottles wherever you go with our magnetic bottle opener! The magnetic head holds your bottle tops so you won’t leave a mess behind.

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Features & Benefits

This stylish bottle cap opener has a convenient, 360° stainless-steel opening edge that means you can prise off bottle caps from any angle. Once off, the caps are then held securely by the magnetic head, preventing them from dropping untidily onto the floor. Holds up to 4 bottle caps at a time.

Designed by Griffik

Easy Clean

360° operation.

Ideal for squeezing lemons and limes

Catches caps as you open.

Unique twisting action makes crushing easier

Holds up to 4 caps.

Care and Use

Dimensions Dimensions

W 3.1 x D 3.1 x H 12.5cm

Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher Safe

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BarWise™ Magnetic Bottle Opener
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