Microwave Cookware

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to prepare food, then microwave cooking could be the answer. Our range of microwave safe cookware is designed with you in mind, with plenty of useful functions and unique ideas to take the hassle out of cooking. Our cool-touch range is perfect for heating up your food and taking out of the microwave without burning your fingers. From omelettes to entire healthy meals, transform the way you think about microwave cooking. Discover our kitchen gadgets for those days when you fancy a home cooked meal.

  • microwavable egg poacher

    M-Poach™ Microwave Egg Poacher

    Microwavable egg poacher

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  • microwave rice cooker

    M-Cuisine™ Rice Cooker

    Microwave rice & grain cooker

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  • M-Cuisine Cooking Set

    M-Cuisine™ Cooking Set

    4-piece microwave cooking set

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  • M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set

    M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker Set

    2 single-serve popcorn makers

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  • M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker

    M-Cuisine™ Popcorn Maker

    Microwave popcorn maker


    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $14.00

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  • M-Cuisine™ Cool-touch Mug set

    M-Cuisine™ Mug set

    Cool-touch microwave mug set

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  • M-Cuisine™ Pasta Cooker

    M-Cuisine™ Pasta Cooker

    Microwave pasta cooker

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  • M-Cuisine™ Cool-touch Bowl set

    M-Cuisine™ Bowl set

    Cool-touch microwave bowl set

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