FlavourBud™ Meat Baster

Marinade injection tool
FlavourBud™ Meat Baster
Marinade injection tool

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Whether its turkey, a roast or brisket, inject some flavour and add some moisture into your meat with this easy-to-use marinade injector tool.

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Features & Benefits

Flavourbud™ has a stainless steel nozzle which you can insert into the meat to infuse with flavour from the marinade or juices stored in the silicone bulb. Simply squeeze this bulb to fill with your marinades before injecting it deep into the centre of your meat.

After use, the nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning and then reversed so that it stores safely inside the bulb. Flavourbud™ is also dishwasher safe.

Designed by Griffik

Squeeze to fill with marinades

Nozzle stores safely inside bulb after use

Care and Use

Food Safe

BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe


FlavourBud™ Meat Baster
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