Chop2Pot™ Bamboo

Folding Bamboo Chopping Board
Chop2Pot™ Bamboo
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Folding Bamboo Chopping Board

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This bamboo cutting board is cleverly designed to fold in half to make transferring food into a pan nice and easy as well as benefiting from the natural properties of the bamboo wood.

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De: 21,99 €

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Features & Benefits

We’ve adapted our original, award-winning Chop2Pot™ chopping board for those who prefer the look and benefits of bamboo. As the wood is denser and less porous, it resists water and knife scarring more than other woods making it a perfect surface for chopping your fruit, veg and meat on.

The unique folding design features a silicone hinge in the centre of the board and non-slip feet to keep it securely in place as you chop. Once you've chopped your ingredients, simply fold the board to pour into your pot or pan!

This board is not dishwasher safe, please wash by hand and wipe dry- do not soak.

Small: 25.7 x 21 x 1cm

Large 32.8 x 27 x 1.3cm

Size Guide

 Chop2Pot Bamboo Small


 Chop2Pot Bamboo Large


Care and Use

Food Safe

BPA Free


Chop2Pot™ Bamboo
De: 21,99 €
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