3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer
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3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer

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Create exciting healthy dishes in minutes with our compact, self-containing spiralizer. The hand-held design keeps mess to a minimum collecting food as you cut it and makes spiralizing a whole range of vegetables super neat and easy.

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22,99 €

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Features & Benefits

Spiro comes with two styles of spiralizing blade- coarse and fine- for different noodle thicknesses plus a handy grating blade for cheese and salads. It features a soft-grip lid for easy turning, and two guide arms that help keep food straight as you twist.

Unlike conventional spiralizers, Spiro is compact and easy to store with all three blades stacking neatly together along with the clear base.

Spiralizing vegetables is a simple way to get some of your 5 a day and offers a healthy alternative to carbs like pasta or noodles.

Coarse - Perfect for courgetti


Perfect for courgetti

Fine - Spiralizes carrots for salads


Spiralizes veg for salads

Grater - Grates veg


Grates carrots in matchsticks


For best results

1. Use straight pieces of food, approx. 8 x 4 cm (3 x 1½”). Cut food to size accordingly.

2. Pat dry water-heavy foods, such as courgette/zucchini, with a paper towel after spiralizing to prevent them going soggy.

3. For long spirals, make sure the food is centred on the blade disc.


How to use

1. Cut food into straight pieces with flat ends.

2. Select blade type.

3. Place food in centre of blade disc and push down onto spindle.

4. Place lid on top and insert guide arms into slots.

5. Twist lid clockwise and push downwards to spiralize.

Care & Use


7.8 x 7.8 x 16 cm


21 grams

Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher safe

Top Shelf 50 degrees

BPA Free
BPA Free


Food Safe
Food Safe

Caution: Sharp blades – keep fingers away from blades during use and cleaning. Always store blades inside container when not in use. Empty food from container after use. Not suitable for food storage.


22,99 €
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