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Prep ahead for Christmas day!

Everyone has high expectations at Christmas and this can cause a lot of stress when cooking.

Make sure everything runs smoothly in your kitchen on the big day with these handy tips.

1. Prep ahead

You can peel your veg the evening before and store overnight in water, or get super prepared by peeling them a couple of weeks early and freezing.


Top tools for the job:



Our 3-in-1 Tri-Peeler™ allows you to peel your vegetables and fruits faster as you can easily switch between blades for different tasks.



Nest™ Lock

Our Nest Lock™ storage containers are 100% leakproof and can be stored in either the fridge or freezer, so are perfect for storing your prepped veg.


Nest Lock


2. Make what you can early

Side dishes such as stuffing, red cabbage or cranberry sauce can all be made in advance then frozen and reheated quickly on the day.


Top tool for the job:


Nest™ Glass

Our Nest™ Glass storage containers can be used to store food in the freezer but are also oven proof so there is no need to transfer between dishes once defrosted.


3. Use your microwave

Microwaves are great for cooking veg and reheating pre-cooked dishes. And don’t forget to use yours to create more oven space and room on your hob.


Top tools for the job:


 M-Cuisine™ range

Our M-Cuisine™ range has been designed specifically fo microwave cooking. Dishes and bowls have double-walled sides that stay cool to the touch, so there's less risk of burning your fingers on a hot dish. They also feature splash-proof lids with steam vents to help reduce mess inside your microwave.


M-Cuisine Cooking Set

M-Cuisine™ Cooking Set

M-Cuisine Cool Touch Dish

M-Cuisine™ Cool Touch Dish

M-Cuisine Cool Touch Bowl

M-Cuisine™ Cool Touch Bowl


4. Have everything at the ready

Make sure you're fully stocked on all the essentials. Items such as bin bags get used a lot more during the festive season, so stock up beforehand to make sure you don’t run out at the crucial moment.


Top tools for the job:


Intelligent Waste Liners & Accessories

Our bin liners are extra-strong and custom-made to fit our bins. We also sell replacement odour filters to keep your bin smell-free over the festive period.