Keep your house neat and tidy with a little help from us. From recycling bins for the home to dish drainers and sink accessories, our range of clever designs offer stylish solutions to your biggest cleaning woes. If you love an organised kitchen, look no further! Keep your kitchen accessible and organised with our clever storage.

  • dish racks

    Flip-up™ Draining Board

    Adjustable draining board

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  • Wash&Drain™ Store

    Wash&Drain™ Store

    Dishwashing bowl with plug and storage

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  • Presto™ Hygienic Soap Dispenser

    Presto™ Hygienic Soap Dispenser

    Soap dispenser with easy-push pump

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  • Y-Rack™


    2-tier self-draining dish rack

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  • Extend™

    Extend™ Dish Drainer

    Expandable dish drainer

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  • Wash&Drain™


    Washing up bowl with plug

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  • Caddy™ Large

    Caddy™ Large Sink Tidy

    Large sink storage organiser

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  • Caddy™

    Caddy™ Sink Tidy

    Sink storage organiser

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  • Sink Aid™ In-Sink Tidy

    Sink Aid™ In-Sink Tidy

    In-sink storage organiser

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  • Wash&Drain™ Plus

    Wash&Drain™ Plus

    3-piece dishwashing and draining set


    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $21.00

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  • Sink Pod™ In-Sink Tidy

    Sink Pod™ In-Sink Tidy

    Compact in-sink tidy

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  • Caddy™ Tower Sink Tidy

    Caddy™ Tower Sink Tidy

    Slimline sink storage organiser

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  • C-pump™

    C-pump™ Soap Dispenser

    Single-handed soap dispenser

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  • Surface™ Sink Tidy

    Surface™ Sink Tidy

    Stainless steel sink caddy

    Starting at: $10.00

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  • Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Surface™ Cutlery Drainer

    Stainless steel cutlery drainer

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  • Palm Scrub™

    Palm Scrub™

    Soap dispensing washing-up brush with stand

    From: $10.00
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  • Brush-up™ Washing Up Brush

    Brush-up™ Washing Up Brush

    In-sink washing up brush

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  • BladeBrush™


    Knife and cutlery cleaning brush

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  • Edge™ Dish Brush

    Edge™ Dish Brush

    Washing up brush with sink rest

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  • Sink Saver™

    Sink Saver™

    Adjustable sink mat

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  • Flume™


    Folding draining mat

    From: $20.00
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  • SinkBase™ Sink Tidy Set

    SinkBase™ Sink Tidy Set

    2 piece soap pump & sink tidy set

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  • SinkBase™ Plus Sink Tidy Set

    SinkBase™ Plus Sink Tidy Set

    3 piece sink tidy set

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  • dock

    Dock™ Cutlery Drainer

    Cutlery drainer with tiered compartments

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  • Palm Scrub™ Bristle Head

    Palm Scrub™ Bristle Head

    Replacement Brush Heads

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  • SmartBar™


    Refillable stainless steel soap bar

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