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Top 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Save Time & Reduce Mess

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Whether you’re a pro chef, keen foodie or complete novice, saving time and reducing mess when you’re cooking is always welcome - especially if you’re hosting guests, or simply preparing dinner after a busy day. The good news is you’re in the right place! Our problem-solving innovations are designed to save time, reduce mess and elevate your kitchens to new heights. Discover our top 5 kitchen gadgets that will make food prep, cooking, and serving something delicious super-easy every time.

1. Salad Spinner: for Crisp and Light Meals 🥗

Salads…The possibilities are quite literally endless. Caesar or Niçoise, Greek or Tabbouleh, the flavours, ingredients and variations are up to you. However, the common issue with salad creations is preventing fresh leaves from quickly becoming soggy and unappetising after a few days, or even hours. The trick to avoiding this is giving washed ingredients a good old spin to eliminate excess water.

A great solution is our Spindola™ In-sink Salad-spinning Colander. This impressive kitchen gadget uses centrifugal force to quickly remove unwanted moisture, leaving you with a perfectly clean and crisp salad ready to eat. Plus, salad dressings won’t be diluted by wet leaves and the colander can also be used to dry all sorts of fruit and veg too – not just salad ingredients, so give it a spin!

TIP: If your veg is a little under ripe and hard, simply sprinkle with salt to soften.

2. A Spiraliser: Your Ultimate Low-Carb Solution 🥕

Low-carb diets. Your friend or family member does one, and they won’t stop telling you it’s the best thing since sliced (wholemeal) bread. If you agree to do one too, you’ll have to say goodbye to a delicious pantry of pastas, rice, white bread, pastries, and a lot of breakfast cereals. We have the solution for you though.

Meet our hand-held spiraliser Spiro™. This wonderful kitchen tool quickly turns standard vegetables into gourmet-looking delights that you can use to make fantastic meals. For instance, you can transform vegetables such as carrots and courgettes into spaghetti-like strands, meaning you can still transport yourself back to that stunning trip to The Med.

TIP: Once your vegetable pasta is cooked, remove with a slotted spoon and pat down before adding the sauce to avoid watered-down flavours.

3. Dash Pestle and Mortar: Freshly ground spices, pastes and sauces at your fingertips 🌶️

Blenders and electric grinders can save time in the kitchen, but they do come with flaws. They are often expensive, come with loads of parts to clean, and can add unwanted heat to the blitzing process too.

Sometimes simple really is best, and for the food purists, the beloved ancient process of grinding ingredients by hand doesn’t get more satisfying than using a classic pestle and mortar - choose Dash™. The smashing of garlic cloves; the crushing of peppercorns; the ultimate joy of experimenting with ingredients and create your own concoctions. Plus, manual mixing saves energy and a trip to the gym. Win-win.

Furthermore, our pestle and mortar with bamboo lid is a stylish addition to any kitchen, especially with its pestle-storing deep groove. A classic, with a twist.

TIP: For harder ingredients, press to the side of the bowl to break open then grind in a circular motion in the middle.

4. Trivets: Say Goodbye to Scorched and Scratched Counters 🥘

The last thing you want to experience when cooking at home is damage to your pristine countertops. This is often the result of resting hot containers on them while food is cooling – or ready to be served – and can lead to scorches and scratches.

Cooking should always be fun and easy, and that’s why one of the best options here is to consider using our Spot-On™ Set of 2 Grey Silicone Trivets . This wonderful addition is heat-resistant up to up to 220˚C (428˚F) while it protects your counters from heat and sharp edges. As a bonus, our trivets are super-easy to clean and store.

TIP: Wrap a towel around the pan’s handle when transporting to the trivet – making sure it isn’t wet or too hot to handle.

5. A Mandoline Slicer: Vegetable Prep in Record Time 🥒

Prepping. The basis of any great meal. Some of us are better at it than others and - love it or hate it - we all must do it to get to the delicious end goal.

Although this is true, there is another option to getting your vegetables evenly sliced and ready to cook – our brand-new Multi-grip Mandoline™ Plus . If you’re wondering what this is, it’s a brilliant gadget with sharp-yet-safe blades that take the hard work out of food prep.

For example, you can adjust the thickness settings between the blades and base, so you can julienne, grate, and slice ingredients – depending on your needs. There’s more too, this trusty slicer comes with a handy food grip, so you can safely operate your mandolin. Quick, clean, and efficient.

TIP: Always use even pressure when slicing, letting the blade do the work and preventing slippage.


There you have it – Top 5 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Save Time & Reduce Mess.

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