Sertaç Dirik’s Sigara Börek With Anchovy & Chard

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Chef Sertaç Dirik shows us how to get creative with filo pastry with his take on the classic Turkish dish, Sigara börek. Filled with swiss chard, anchovy, and minced garlic, it’s an impressive recipe that’s surprisingly easy to put together, and satisfyingly savoury with every bite. Watch the video at the bottom of the page to watch how Sertac creates these delicious golden parcels, and check out Sertac's Onion Dolma and Asparagus & Mint Yoghurt Curds recipes for more sharing feast ideas.



  1. Add the onion into a pan with olive oil and simmer on a medium heat until translucent.

  2. Add swiss chard, a pinch of salt and wilt - remember to remove from the heat while the chard is still bright green and just softened.

  3. Fold through your anchovy, minced garlic and adjust seasonings with salt and lemon juice to your preferred taste.

  4. Slice your filo into 10cm strips and stack. Add a tablespoon of filling on one end, tuck the sides in and begin to roll into cigars, when you reach the end, brush with your anchovy oil to stick and set aside.

  5. Add enough oil to a pan to shallow fry your cigars over a high heat until golden brown. Carefully remove with a spider strainer or tongs and remove the excess oil on a paper towel. Serve hot.








1 packet of filo pastry

3 tins of anchovy fillets (chopped, drain and keep the oil)

200g rainbow or swiss chard (sliced)

1 small onion (diced)

3 cloves garlic (minced)

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