Nesting Bowl Sets

Make the most of your kitchen cupboard space and invest in a nesting bowl set. These ingenious, space-saving sets combine a whole range of useful kitchenware from mixing bowls to sieves and measuring cups, into one stackable set, keeping your cupboard neat and tidy. Match your new Nesting Bowl Set with some of our kitchen utensils to complete your kitchen.

  • Nest™ Prep&Store

    Nest™ Prep&Store

    4 Piece stainless-steel bowl set with lids

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  • Nest™ 8

    Nest™ 8

    8-piece nesting bowl set

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  • Nest™ 9 Plus

    Nest™ 9 Plus

    9-piece nesting bowl set

    From: £46.00
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  • Nest™ 7 Plus

    Nest™ 7 Plus

    7-piece nesting bowl set

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  • Nest™ Mix

    Nest™ Mix

    4-piece nesting bowl set with egg yolk separator

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  • Nest™ 100

    Nest™ 100

    9-piece stainless steel nesting bowl set

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